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Ms. Minor’s Summer Wine Picks

WineIt’s time to roll out the summer barbecue, lounge by the pool, and pop the cork on some lovely summer wine pairings. What to choose? Not to worry, Ms. Minor can provide you with some of her favorites.

Patti suggests “a lovely light Albariño; classic Chablis (the real kind…not the California jug wine) or Sauvignon blanc ESP with a nice bright goat cheese. Now I’m hungry!”

Robin likes Hugl Weine – Gruner Veltliner from Austria, ” and any sauvignon blanc from the Marlboro region of New Zealand.”  Speaking of which, Kristin says “I vote for Kim Crawford, Matua, and Babich.  The Babich story is pretty swell – they were Croatian immigrants who built this fabulous winery; the matriarch talks about how when she got to NZ she would just cry because she was so far from home and so isolated.  Obviously she found another Croat to marry and it all worked out.  Interestingly, her maiden name was Grgic, so she may have been related to those who started Grgich wines in the U.S. as the c at the end of a Croat name is pronounced like a ch in English.  Speaking of which, the California Grgich chardonnays are usually wonderful.

I would also add Lis Neris, an Italian winemaker in Friuli.  The chardonnay is yummy but all the whites are good.  Jermann’s pinot grigio is pretty good, as are most of their wines (they are a major higher-end producer in Piemonte), but so is Zenato’s at probcervaro07ably a third of the price.  Zenato also makes a very good wine called Lugana San Benedetto, which I think is of the Lugana grape.  You can sometimes find Zenato at Total Wines.  And finally–and this is a stunning wine at special-treat prices in the U.S.–I highly recommend Cervaro della Sala from Castello della Sala, which is produced by Antinori.  It’s an Umbrian wine.  I spent an evening in London with my friend Tom talking and eating and drinking a 2007 Cervaro della Sala, which was so good I took a snap on the iPhone to remember. ”

Chilean whites are coming into their own.  We’ve heard good things about De Martino 347 Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, although no one has brought one to rehearsal yet.CasalGarcia

Betsy says “Silver Lake Cabernet.  I know, I know, you’re supposed to drink white wine in the summer.  But this is an awesome full-bodied cabernet, perfect with a grilled steak and summer veggies.”

And this just in from Dolores…

“The empty bVenusWineSingingottle next to me says CASAL GARCIA, since 1939 Vinho Verde “Young and Refreshing”  Product of Portugal (of course). Since it’s the one I had last night, it’s my favorite.”

OK fans, keep us posted on your doings and see you at the next cocktail party!

Thank you, Venus Fans!


Robin’s Memorable “Uke Break”

Kristin nails Sunny Came Home.

Kristin sings Sunny Came Home.


Betsy in “Regretting”

Thanks, fans, for turning out in the rain and having some fun with us last weekend. Let’s do it again soon!  And thanks again for getting our Facebook page to 100 likes (do we hear 101?).


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