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Venus Mom on the Road

Betsy in Venus d Minor sings about a bad boyfriendWhen she’s not practicing law or vocal music, long time Venus member Betsy Erickson finds she has become a professional driver of teens.  Here’s a recent view from the road:

Having just returned from two trips with my teenaged daughter (to attend sports tournaments in Pennsylvania and Florida), I was reflecting on the difference between traveling with the kids now and when they were younger.  Before, we used to listen to lots of tapes (remember cassette tapes?) or, later, CDs – mostly songs, storytellers, or even recorded books.  (Harry Potter was a favorite.)  My oldest son (now 21) fondly recalls many of those silly songs and stories that we listened to over and over.  The kids managed to stay interested most of the time, we sang together and talked, and even survived the drive to North Dakota one summer.  But now, it’s a whole new world.  We might as well be on separate trips.  The teenagers are completely absorbed with their electronic devices, and any interruption by a parent is viewed as a HUGE irritation.  If Eye-Rolling and Exasperated Sighing were Olympic sports, my daughter would be a champion! -Betsy

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